Solar service agreements for commercial rooftops

Earthpoints Solar Install

Solar service agreements for commercial rooftops

Electricity prices are due to climb.  Earthpoints can help reduce the impact and provide an immediate contribution to your bottom line.

The benefits:

Earthpoints will supply and install a solar PV system in order to reduce the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your chosen supplier. This will be done through a solar service agreement with Earthpoints.

You will pay a monthly service charge which will be in proportion to the electricity that you generate and therefore do not have to purchase from your chosen electricity supplier. The service charge will always be at a discount to the price you would have paid to your electricity supplier.

We will guarantee to fix your service charges so that you always obtain a discount to the market price for electricity.

The service agreement is transferable to any future potential purchaser of your property.

As you will be using electricity generated by your panels, you know that this is 100% carbon free.

Earthpoints will plant trees in proportion to the electricity generated. The more electricity, the more trees we will plant.

The Earthpoints approach (the nitty gritty)

We will assess the potential of your roof for the installation of a solar PV system and gather information about your electricity usage and pricing.

  • If your roof is suitable, we will install a solar PV system and provide you with a service agreement which will be at a discount on your electricity costs from your current supplier. We will fix the service costs for an initial period of between 2 and 5 years.
  • There is no capital required by you.
  • We will review your electricity price when the initial fixed period ends and guarantee to provide you with the same level of discount versus the lowest quote from your chosen electricity supplier, fixed for a further two year period. Your service charge from us will then be reviewed every two years with the guarantee of the same discount against the electricity price provided at the time by grid suppliers.
  • Earthpoints will operate the system and will be fully responsible for any maintenance that is required.
  • We will invoice you monthly for these services in proportion to the electricity generated and used on your site.
  • To increase your climate change impact we will plant trees on your behalf in proportion to the amount of electricity you use.
  • You will be able to buy us out of the service agreement at any point during the term of our agreement.
  • You enjoy reduced cost, carbon free electricity, with no capital outlay and no maintenance or operations costs over the whole term of your 25-year agreement with us.

To start the process contact us at or call us on 01438 821568.

If solar sounds like a really good idea to you and you would like to invest and own your system, we can help with this as well. We will provide you with an assessment of your roof, a proposal for you to evaluate and supply and install the equipment you need. We can also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services.

Or, because you can buy us out of the service agreement at any time you can start with a service agreement, see how the system performs and then whenever you want, exercise the buy out to get maximum benefit from your system. Try it and then buy it.