We plant trees

We have been planting trees in the UK for ten years.

Our projects include a mix of different trees in order to establish native woodland. For example our recently completed wood in Dorset included the following species:

Oak, Beech, Ash, Silver Birch, Field Maple, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Alder, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Spindle, Blackthorn and Hawthorn.

Why have we chosen the UK for our projects? It’s because we can visit our sites and check that everything is going well. We also have more control over the long term future of the trees we plant if they are close to home. We want to do even more and with that in mind, for the next planting season, we are starting to work with a couple of partners who are looking to acquire low grade farmland and other sites in the UK in order to plant native woodland. Joining forces with other groups who are also planting trees means that can combine our resources and create some economies of scale. Having run our projects alone up to this point, we are very excited by the possibilities that combining our efforts will bring.

We are also concerned about the rainforest and so we have been looking into reforestation of rain forest and are close to identifying some suitable projects abroad. We won’t invest in them until we can be certain that the projects are planting new trees, that we can verify the trees have been established and that they are viable in the long term. 

We install solar

Our solar projects are helping to move the UK away from damaging fossil fuels and are de-carbonising electricity production.

We have installed and run many systems across the country and are intending to install many more.

Our approach allows contributions large and small to be combined together to create new, additional solar installations. We will take your donation and add it together with others and our own funds to build new additional solar arrays.

What’s more every watt of electricity that is generated from our systems will earn more Earthpoints and these will be used to plant trees. Even more benefit, even more carbon saved.