Want to do more?

Yes, Earthpoints is about taking carbon positive action at no cost. However we would be remiss if we didn’t provide the opportunity to do even more. These ideas do cost money but they will boost the carbon impact we can have.

Want to increase the number of trees we can plant together?

Donate £4.50 or more and we will plant a tree for you. You will receive a digital certificate which you can give to someone or keep yourself.

You can donate as much as you like, for example £45 will plant 10 trees.

What about increasing renewable energy?

Donate £10 and we will invest that into a new UK based solar array. This is a way in which you can reduce carbon directly for a small percentage of the total cost of the power generation project. The power generated directly reduces the amount of carbon released from fossil fuels by replacing grid electricity generated by oil and gas. You will receive a digital certificate to prove that this is a brand new array providing additional carbon reduction benefits. Not only that, all the electricity that the array produces will generate more Earthpoints that will be used to plant more trees, boosting your carbon reduction actions.

Again you can donate as much as you like to our solar projects.

Like what we are doing and want to set up regular monthly contributions to our projects? We can arrange this.

To take advantage of any of these ideas – Just contact us.