Working since 2008 to help people and companies tackle climate change with no cost to themselves


We know we have to take action and the more we can do the better. There are ways in which we can all help without additional cost and this where Earthpoints plays a part.

We believe it’s all about as many of us as possible doing what we can, it doesn’t matter if we do a little or a lot, every little bit helps. If hundreds of us plant trees we make an impact, if thousands great, if millions? And, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by using renewable sources to generate electricity is cheaper, saves carbon and improves our energy security.

We have been installing and successfully operating solar PV installations across the UK for twelve years. We have planted thousands of trees. We have a fantastic opportunity to reduce the carbon we put into the air and to take more carbon out. We want to do more and together with you, we will.

Enabling companies to be more successful. Helping others to help the planet. Earthpoints is our passion. What’s not to love?

Meet the founder

Srimath Earthpoints

Srimath Agalawatte

Srimath started work in the technology sector. After a number of roles working in both multi-national and smaller firms, abroad and in the UK, he started to establish, grow and then sell a series of start-ups. Looking for the next opportunity, having been passionate about sustainability since childhood and all too aware of the climate challenge, Earthpoints was born. Based in Hertfordshire he works full-time in the business and continues to be optimistic that together we can make a difference.

"I was particularly pleased to see the Earthshot initiative recently launched by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Sir David Attenborough; the most prestigious global environment prize in history designed to incentivise and help repair our planet over the next 10 years. It made me feel we had done the right thing in launching Earthpoints some years before".