About electricity generation from solar panels

As someone who cares about the environment, you know that there are many ways in which we can save energy and help the planet. Microgeneration - generating zero or low-carbon power locally - is one way in which you could make a significant difference.

The information here is about photovoltaic solar (solar PV) for your home, church, school or other suitable building. This is where the sun's energy is used to produce electricity. If you would like to know more about solar thermal - where the sun is used to provide hot water please get in touch with us at customerservice@earthpoints.co.uk.

Currently there is a great deal of interest in solar PV because of the Government subsidy scheme known as the Feed In Tariff (FIT) or clean energy cashback. The FIT currently provides a very attractive return for those that invest in solar PV. It's not going to be around forever, so we are helping to make it as easy as possible for people to take advantage of the scheme now.

Earthpoints members can benefit from our approach.

1. You have a suitable roof.

If you have a suitable roof you can benefit from the FIT. This provides a tax-free (for householders), index linked return that is typically between 8% and 10%. If you have the roof space and the capital, this is the option we recommend. We are also currently providing a number of customers with free solar systems, where you benefit from free electricity that will reduce your bills. You will also receive 20,000 Earthpoints.

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2. You would like to take advantage of the FIT.

Perhaps you don't have a suitable roof or you have already invested in solar PV and like the potential that the FIT represents. Earthpoints can provide you with opportunities to benefit from existing and soon to be installed systems. Potential returns are typically between 7% and 9%.

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