Earthpoints projects

Click here for an explanation of how to use Earthpoints to support projects

You choose the projects that you want to support and allocate your Earthpoints to them on the "Use points" page.

All Earthpoints projects have been selected because they will positively help to tackle climate change.

Every Earthpoint used results in the expansion of the project. This is important because we want to increase the efforts being taken to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rather than just do business as usual.

The impact that each of our projects has on climate change is different. Many eminent scientists have different and conflicting views.

Whilst the debate about what projects to start is interesting, what we really need to do is get on with it. Since you earned the Earthpoints you get to choose which projects to support.

Each project has a minimum number of Earthpoints that you can use.

Click here to learn about naming trees and to see a selection of chosen names

When you use Earthpoints to plant a tree you have the option to give your tree a name. This can be in memory of someone or of a special event, or just for fun.

Click here to see a selection of names already chosen.

Our Projects

Project Descriptions

Oak Wood 1

Oak Wood 1
This project creates traditional UK woodland

Beech Wood 1

Beech Wood 1
This project creates traditional Beech woodland in the UK

Earthpoints Together

Earthpoints Together
Spend small or large numbers of Earthpoints