Frequently asked questions

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Q1. What are Earthpoints?

Earthpoints are a virtual currency that can be earned while making ordinary purchases through the Earthpoints site and spent on projects designed to make a positive difference to climate change.

Q2. How do I get Earthpoints?

Open an account, visit our earn Earthpoints page and link through to our partners. When you make purchase you will be credited with Earthpoints?

Q3. Where can I use Earthpoints?

You can use Earthpoints on our environmentally positive projects. To learn about these visit the Our Projects page.

Q4. How quickly will I be able to plant a tree?

The trees that you plant through us are free. You just have to collect enough Earthpoints by buying stuff that you were going to buy anyway by clicking through from Earthpoints to our partner sites.

How much shopping you have to do depends on the partner and the number of Earthpoints they generate - as of writing this, one of our most generous partners is Carphone Warehouse where, if you took out their best pay monthly deal at £8.49/month, (£152.82 in total) you would earn 10,000 Earthpoints, nearly enough points for 2 trees. We estimate that across all of our partners you might need to spend about £400 - in some cases it would be a lot less. Sometimes it will be a bit more than that.

In summary, our planet-helping trees are completely free, it's just a question of how quickly you gather the points you get when you make purchases you would have made anyway!

Q5. How do I get in touch with you?

You can email us at

Q6. So who pays for Earthpoints?

Earthpoints cost nothing for our customers. The first points you get are paid for by us at Earthpoints. When you make a purchase though the site our partners pay us when you make a purchase. Our partners are providing an environmentally beneficial reward to you for buying their products and services.

Q7. Why can't I get Earthpoints from other places?

We are quite new and felt that the best place to start was to offer Earthpoints for on-line purchases. To track your purchases so that we know how many Earthpoints to give you we have to do this through our website. We do have plans to offer Earthpoints for off line purchases and in traditional retail. If there are places you would like to be able to earn Earthpoints send us an email and let us know.

Q8. Is Earthpoints a charity?

No we are not a charity. Earthpoints is a limited company which aims to make profits. We think that the not-for-profit sector has made a considerable impact on the problem of climate change. However, we know that we need to do more and at Earthpoints we think that the commercial sector has to increase its contribution. To increase the effect Earthpoints has on climate change, it has to grow. The more people earn and spend Earthpoints the more our projects will grow. That means more growing trees, and more energy from renewable sources. We can recycle the profits we make back into increasing the number of customers we have, the number of partners who take part and the number and size of our projects.

Q9. How many Earthpoints can I earn?

You can earn Earthpoints at similar or better rates to other loyalty schemes such as Nectar. The amounts vary from partner to partner.

Q10. Why do you promise to redeem all earned Earthpoints?

Our aim is make a positive impact on the environment. We want people to know that when they earn Earthpoints they will definitely make a difference. We don't want Earthpoints sitting around not doing anything for too long, we think you will want them to be working for the planet.

Q11. What happens if I don't have the minimum Earthpoints to support a project?

We have provided a special project called Earthpoints Together. You can support it with as little as 1 Earthpoint. We will combine all the Earthpoints used for Earthpoints Together well, together. From time to time we will allocate the combined Earthpoints total to one of our other projects. Essentially you are joining forces with other Earthpoints members and even a small contribution will soon add up to something significant.

Q12. How much effect on the environment will my Earthpoints have?

It depends on how many Earthpoints you earn and use. Even a small number of Earthpoints will still make a positive difference and when there are more people involved this difference can grow. All of our projects are designed to provide an incremental impact on the environment so even a small step is another step in the right direction.

Q13. Why do you award Earthpoints for referrals?

We know that Earthpoints members want to do something for the environment. Earthpoints allows even a small purchase to contribute. You can see that if we have enough people making even small purchases the effect will rapidly grow. As a fairly new venture not that many people know about us. If our members help us by spreading the word then more people will earn and use Earthpoints and they will have increased the positive effect on the environment. We think that this word of mouth approach could be very powerful. Even though this is a cost to us, by awarding Earthpoints when our members recommend us, we think we can accelerate the impact that we can make. Learn more about our referral scheme by following the link.